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Shengquan Group Deep Participates in 2021 China Foundry Congress

2021-10-22 Share:

On October 21-25, China Foundry Congress 2021, hosted by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and Foundry Productivity Promotion Center, and undertaken by Foundry Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, was grandly held in Shenyang. Shengquan Group deep participated in this grand meeting of foundry industry and carried out many activities such as technical exchange and new product display.

Opening Ceremony of Foundry Congress


Shengquan Group, as the diamond support unit of this congress, the general manager of the Foundry Materials Division Yuan Yong received a thank-you plaque at the opening ceremony of Foundry Congress.

Yuan Yong, General Manager of Foundry Materials Division, received a thank-you plaque


At the WFO World Foundry Organization "Modeling Materials and Technology" forum held on the 22nd, Zhu Jianxun, Vice President of Shengquan Group, made a theme report on "Estimation of Carbon Emissions of Major Modeling Materials and Ways to Reduce Carbon", focusing on current hot issues of carbon emissions. He analyzed the calculation data of carbon emission of casting materials in detail and proposes several ways to reduce the carbon emission, which has a significant reference for the carbon reduction work of the foundry industry.

Zhu Jianxun, Vice President of Shengquan Group made a report


At the forum of "Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Key Castings for Rail Transit", Liu Ye, Technical Director of Foundry Materials Division, made a theme report on "Formation Mechanism and Solution of Alkaline Phenolic Resin Melt Ceramic Sand Sintering Layer", aiming at the emergence of ceramic sand alkaline phenolic resin technology, made a detailed macro and micro analysis of the sintering problem. According to the analysis results of scanning electron microscopy and energy spectrum analysis, the formation mechanism was proposed, and solutions were proposed from the aspects of special coatings and sand regeneration technology. He also pointed out that the "chemical method + thermal method" regeneration technology can solve this problem.


Liu Ye, Technical Director of Foundry Materials Division, made a report


In the new product display area, Shengquan Group focused on displaying new products such as vent risers, high-efficiency anti-sulfurization coatings, low-VOCs furan resins, and high-strength composite filters. 


Technical consultation for new product


During the congress, the 2021 National Foundry Industry's Most Beautiful Technologist Award Ceremony and the "Shengquan Cup" 8th National Foundry Industry Photography Contest Award Ceremony were also held. Zhang Yang, R&D Manager of Shengquan Group, won the "2021 National Foundry Industry's Most Beautiful Technologist".


Zhang Yang (first from right) won "2021 National Foundry Industry's Most Beautiful Technologist"


"Shengquan Cup" Photography Contest Award Ceremony