Phenolic and Composites Quality improvement and Upgrade to ‘green, functional, refined and high-performance’

High-performance resin and composites industry is the leading industry of Shengquan. Equipped with highly automated phenolic resin workshop with the largest monomer production capacity around the world and the most advanced technology, SHANDONG SHENGQUAN NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD (The subsidiary of Shengquan Group) can achieve the annual phenolic resin output of 650,000 tons, ranking the 1st in the world. In addition to the extensive application in aerospace, electronic materials, refractory material, friction material, insulation material, impregnated material, coated abrasive, tire rubber, electrical materials, carbon materials, new energy and other fields, Shengquan Group has further developed a series of low VOC phenolic products, dust-free resins and dust-reducing resins, and has been actively participating in the research and development of new biomass resins, such as being the manufacturer of thermal insulation raw materials for the re-entry capsules of Shenzhou spacecrafts and making contribution to the maiden flight of Long March-5B carrier rocket.

In the field of high-end electronic materials, Shengquan Group is the domestic largest supplier of electronic resin for PCB substrates. The developed A-step phenolic resin makes it possible to achieve the localization of electronic resin for flat panel displays and chip photoresists, thus breaking multiple foreign monopolies and making contribution to the research and development and manufacturing of “China chip”. As the only domestic enterprise qualified to provide o-cresol formaldehyde epoxy resin, bisphenol A novolac epoxy resin, phenol biphenyl epoxy resin and other high-end special electronic special epoxy resin, Shengquan Group is occupying a dominant position in the domestic industry. The products are widely applied in copper clad laminates, semiconductor epoxy plastic sealing material, PCB photoresist, solder resist ink, display panel, chip manufacturing and other fields, with product quality, production technology level and device capacity reaching the international leading level. In recent years, Shengquan Group has in succession developed a variety of high-purity epoxy resin for chip scale package, polymaleimide resin, special resin for 5G high-frequency high-speed circuit board and other series of advanced electronic chemicals, which provide help for realizing the independent supply of materials for China's electronic information industry and removing the “bottleneck”. 
In the field of non-ferrous metal smelting, the conductive phenolic resin independently developed by Shengquan Group is a 100% substitute of traditional coal pitch as binder to produce phenolic resin carbon anode, with significantly shortened calcination time and improved production efficiency. This product, characterized by high strength, good compactness and optimal performance of electrical and thermal conduction, can reduce the harmful gas emission by 40% - 60%. In conclusion, it plays a revolutionary role in promoting the green, energy-saving and carbon-reduction development of carbon anode and electrolytic aluminum industry.

Relying on phenolic resin, Shengquan Group has developed a series of high-end composites. The independent development of “light steel reinforced aluminum conductor (LGJQ), a new composite at the international leading level by modifying phenolic resin and reinforcing fiber through special processes, characterized by light weight, high strength, inflaming retarding, insulation, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, strong designability and other excellent properties, thoroughly relieves the CRH train air duct materials from reliance on imports. At present, such composite has been widely used in rail transit, new energy vehicles, tunnels and bridges, evacuation platforms, cable supports and other fields.

In the field of green building materials, Shengquan Group has successfully developed efficient, energy-saving and fireproof AGPF board. As a new green wall thermal insulation material characterized by light weight, good insulation effect, specific strength and resistance to chemical corrosion, AGPF board serves as an insulation material subject to new standards with high efficiency and energy saving properties for the “nearly zero-energy consumption buildings” in China, and thoroughly eliminates hidden dangers from traditionally flammable fire insulation materials. 

Development History

The phenolic resin project with the annual capacity of 230,000 tons was put into operation, thus making the total production capacity of Shengquan Group up to 600,000 tons per year, ranking the top in the whole world.
Zhuhai Factory was built for producing phenolic resin and special epoxy resin, aiming to complete the overall arrangements at Southern China.
Shengquan Group successfully developed the composite material named light steel reinforced aluminum conductor (LG JQ) and can be used for mass production, thus breaking foreign monopoly.
The phenolic resin workshop with the annual capacity of 200,000 tons, the maximum monomer capacity in the whole world, was successfully put into operation.
The special epoxy resin workshop with the annual capacity of 20,000 tons was successfully put into operation.
Shengquan Group launched Antefu green energy-saving external wall insulation materials as the step for entering the composite material industry.
Phenolic hollow microspheres were successfully applied to the re-entry capsule of Shenzhou 8 Spacecraft.
The capacity of phenolic resin broke 100,000 tons per year.
The phenolic resin workshop for electronic materials with the annual capacity of 30,000 tons was successfully put into operation.
Jinan Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation.
Shengquan Group worked with Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly build the “Phenolic Resin Research Center”.
Phenolic resin production monomer reactor (30m³) was successfully installed and completed the test run at one time , and the company achieved a further leap in the field of phenolic resin
Shengquan Group's phenolic resin production and sales are in a leading position in China.
Yingkou Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation.
Shengquan Group bought back the shares of Jinan Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co., Ltd. held by UK HMC.
Shengquan Group started to produce phenolic resin for friction materials, and took the lead in treatment of waste water produced in the production of phenolic resin.
New workshops of Jinan Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co., Ltd. were completed and put into operation.
Shengquan Group worked with UK Hepworth Minerals & Chemicals Ltd. (HMC) to establish Jinan Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co., Ltd. (a joint venture), kicking off the beginning of the leapfrog development of phenolic resin of Shengquan Group.
Shengquan Group started to produce phenolic resin for coated sand, thus entering the first leapfrog development period.
The first batch of phenolic resin came out of the production line.
Shengquan Group entered into the phenolic resin industry.