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Shengguan Group Participated in GIFA 2023 Casting Exhibition

2023-6-26 Share:

The German Foundry Exhibition was held at the Dusseldorf Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany from June 12th to 16th, 2023. Shengquan Group's foreign trade team actively participated in this prestigious event, showcasing our latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions.


Our team during GIFA 2023

GIFA is globally recognized as the foremost trade fair for foundry technology and metallurgy, and we take great pride in our participation. We are thrilled to showcase our exhibits at this event, aiming to ignite your interest and stimulate your imagination. Throughout the years, our company has consistently enhanced its innovation in new product technology research and development, process technology optimization, green initiatives, low-carbon transformation, etc., thereby maintaining a leading position in driving high-quality advancements within the foundry industry through novel technologies and achievements. Our market share remains firmly positioned at the forefront of the industry due to our exceptional product quality and comprehensive technical services that have garnered widespread recognition both domestically and internationally.


At the International Foundry Expo, Shengquan booth showcased a range of cutting-edge products including the new CBR cold box resin, low VOCS furan resin, spray coating for large castings, high-strength composite filter, and various other innovative solutions. Moreover, Shengquan's technical experts actively addressed specific challenges faced by numerous enterprises during the exhibition, effectively exemplifying Shengquan Group's comprehensive service-oriented approach to collaboration. Consequently, this garnered significant attention from both domestic and international customers who eagerly engaged in profound discussions regarding process technology advancements and industry insights at the esteemed Shengquan booth.

At GIFA 2023, we will showcase new developments aimed at enhancing sustainability and efficiency in foundry operations. Our R&D teams are dedicated to developing solutions that boost productivity, reduce process costs, and minimize environmental impact. One approach is to use fewer or less harmful raw materials. Additionally, we are working on solutions that deliver comparable or superior performance with lower input quantities than standard products. High-performance foundry chemicals and materials can also benefit the foundry process by reducing rework or eliminating process steps. Our featured products at GIFA 2023 help foundries decrease emissions, enhance the work environment, and increase economic success.

In recent years, China's foundry industry has been actively promoting the enhancement of concentration and optimization of industrial layout with the aim of enhancing the quality and efficiency of economic development. Consequently, the industry is progressing towards a greener, higher-end, and more intelligent direction.