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Shengquan Group made an appearance at the 2nd Shanghai International Summit on Methanol Fuel-Powered Ship Technology Application in 2023.

2023-6-16 Share:

The 2nd Shanghai International Summit on Methanol Fuel-Powered Ship Technology Application in 2023 and the Shanghai International Summit Forum on Methanol Industry and Methanol Fuel Innovation and Development in 2023 will take place on June 13. The 2nd Shanghai International Summit on Methanol Fuel-Powered Ship Technology Application in 2023, the Shanghai International Summit Forum on Methanol Industry and Methanol Fuel Innovation and Development in 2023, and the Shanghai International Forum on Carbon Capture, Storage, Transportation and Utilization Industry Innovation in 2023 were inaugurated at Hilton Hotel on June 13. Representatives from Cosco Shipping, Denmark Maersk, CSSC, National Energy Group, Europe Wartsila, as well as over 100 domestic and foreign organizations gathered in Shanghai to exchange insights on methanol industry development, prospects of methanol as a new fuel application, and the associated opportunities and challenges. Tang Diyuan, President of Shengquan Group attended the meeting where he delivered a speech titled "New Era of Biomass Resource Utilization."

                                        Tang Diyuan, President of Shengquan Group, delivered a speech titled "The New Era of Biomass Resource Utilization."

As a global leader in the biomass energy and biomass chemical industry, Shengquan Group has developed the "Shengquan Method," an integrated green technology for biomass refining from small corn cobs. The company holds independent intellectual property rights in key technology development, process route design, production equipment manufacturing, and other industry-wide processes. With an investment exceeding 2 billion yuan, Shengquan Group successfully launched the first phase of its one-million-ton "'Shengquan Method' Biomass Refining Integration Project" in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province in May 2023.

                                                 Daqing Shengquan's one-million-ton-per-year Biomass Refining Integration Project (Phase I)

The project has successfully achieved the comprehensive transformation and utilization of all components derived from straw.Through its unique biological solvent method technology, this project disrupts traditional industrial chains and enables parallel development between the biomass chemical industry and petrochemical/coal chemical industries. Notably, the resulting biomass resin carbon possesses uniform particle size, high bulk density, low ash content, and a calorific value exceeding 5000K/g. It can serve as a direct replacement for coal fuel in power generation or be further processed into hard carbon materials for batteries and various green clean energies such as bio-methanol, green ammonia biomethane,and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Bio-methanol and green ammonia derived from biomass resin carbon are currently acknowledged as the most advantageous liquid fuels capable of achieving carbon neutrality at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. Particularly in the shipping industry, bio-methanol serves as a relatively novel clean alternative energy for vessels, boasting numerous advantages such as a clean production process, large-scale industrialization, high energy density, and convenient storage and transportation. It effectively aids land transport, navigation, aviation, and other transportation and logistics sectors in promptly attaining their dual-carbon strategic objectives.

Regarding Shengquan Group's bio-methanol project planning, Tang Diyuan explained that the first phase of the project utilizes biomass resin carbon produced by Daqing Shengquan Green Technology Co., Ltd. as raw material to achieve an annual bio-methanol production capacity of 80,000 tons using existing coal chemical industry capabilities. Furthermore, construction is scheduled to commence on a 200,000-ton-per-year biological methanol plant in 2024. Based on this foundation along with the establishment of national biomass refining plants and market demand for biological methanol devices at each plant ranging from 5-200k tons per year.

                                                                                          Jinan Shengquan Group Share-Holding Co., Ltd.

He stated that from the perspective of Shengquan Group, biomass resources are akin to "surface-grown oil and coal." They believe that biological methanol is the most viable energy solution and will emerge as a new battleground for "double carbon" initiatives, with promising prospects for future development. As a global leader in biomass new energy and materials, Shengquan is fully committed to expediting the advancement of novel products, project layouts, and industries. This heralds the dawn of an era deserving worldwide attention - one marked by the utilization of biomass resources and the growth of biomethanol industry.

It has been reported that due to the unique demand for hundreds of millions of tons of ocean-going fuel, methanol-fueled ships are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for both Chinese and international shipowners, thereby controlling over 80% of global trade logistics. However, what is even more unexpected is China's emergence as a fortunate beneficiary in this global trend opportunity, enabling it to reshape the global market similar to how electric vehicles have revolutionized the automotive industry. Shengquan Group, as a leading player in the global biomass sector, holds great anticipation for its future strategic planning and development prospects within the bio-methanol industry.