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Shengquan Group Attended The 19th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting

2023-5-24 Share:

From May 8th to 12th, the 19th Annual Conference of China Foundry Association was held at Tianjin International Convention and Exhibition Center. Tang Diyuan, President of Shengquan Group, Zhu Jianxun, senior consultant, and Yuan Yong, General Manager of Foundry Materials Division, led the team in participating in this prestigious event and engaged in various activities during the 21st China International Foundry Expo series.

         Tang Diyuan, president of Shengquan Group, attended the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the Casting Association.

During the award ceremony of the 19th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting, Shengquan Group was honored with the title "2023 Individual Champion Enterprise of China Foundry Industry" for its exceptional range of foundry material products. Throughout these years, our company has consistently increased efforts in innovation through research and development in new product technology as well as process technology optimization. We have also made significant strides towards green and low-carbon transformation while leading high-quality development within the casting industry through new technologies and achievements. Our market share remains at the forefront due to excellent product quality along with a comprehensive range of technical services that are widely recognized both domestically and internationally.

                         Yuan Yong, general manager of Foundry Materials Division at Shengquan Group proudly accepted this award on stage.

                                                           China foundry industry's individual champion enterprise for 2023

                                               China Foundry Association awarded Shengquan Group with a gold medal support unit certificate.

In the sub-forum of advanced cast steel technology, Liu Ye, Technical Director of the Casting Material Division at Shengquan Group, delivered a report titled "Development History and Prospects of Inorganic Binders in Steel Castings". With detailed data, he discussed the historical development, advantages and disadvantages of inorganic binders, as well as their potential applications in steel casting production. This report holds significant importance in promoting the environmentally-friendly development of the casting industry.

                                                                                           Director Liu Ye presented a technical repor at the annual meeting.

During the "Entrepreneur Dialogue" session, presided over by Zhu Jianxun, senior consultant of Shengquan Group, entrepreneurs shared their experiences in enterprise development and innovation.

At the International Casting Fair, Shengquan booth showcased various new products including CBR cold core box resin, low VOCS furan resin, large casting spray coating, high strength composite filter, among others. Moreover, Shengquan's technical experts offered tailored solutions to address challenges faced by numerous enterprises during the exhibition. This fully exemplified Shengquan Group's comprehensive cooperation concept. As a result of these efforts, many domestic and foreign customers were attracted to visit the Shengquan booth for in-depth exchanges on process technology and industry information.

                                  The Holy Spring booth attracts a constant stream of customers, who come to witness the ongoing negotiations.

     Fan Qi, Wang Dongsheng, and Gao Wei, Executive Vice President of China Foundry Association, led their team to visit the Shengquan booth.

As the focal point of the exhibition for promoting new products, the newly developed CBR cold core box resin was honored with the prestigious "Golden Tripod Award for Casting Materials." This resin boasts excellent moisture resistance, superior high temperature strength, low tar content and has found extensive applications in various casting production fields.

                                              The new CBR cold core box resin was honored with the prestigious Golden Tripod award for casting materials.

Furthermore, this exhibition incorporates cutting-edge VR technology to showcase a comprehensive overview of Shengquan Group and its state-of-the-art testing and analysis instruments, enabling the audience to virtually explore the company scene from multiple perspectives while gaining in-depth insights into our products. The "Cloud viewing lottery" has captivated numerous enthusiasts.

Additionally, this year marks the momentous 10th anniversary of Foundry Practice and Innovation, a magazine proudly sponsored by Shengquan Group. A grand celebratory event took place at the China Foundry Association booth where distinguished guests including Zhang Zhiyong, Executive Vice President of China Foundry Association, and Yuan Yong, General Manager of China Foundry Association delivered inspiring speeches. Subsequently, an esteemed certificate of honor along with commemorative souvenirs were presented to the outstanding paper author while several enterprise representatives received copies of our latest issue of foundry magazine.

                                                                           Reputable author specializing in Foundry Practice and Innovation.

In recent years,China's foundry industry has made significant progress in enhancing the concentration and optimizing the industrial layout with the aim of improving economic development quality and benefits. There has been a gradual improvement in advanced casting technology and equipment levels. The comprehensive implementation of transformation, upgrading, and adherence to the "14th Five-Year" development plan for the casting industry is leading it towards a greener, higher-end, and more intelligent direction. This exhibition, being the most influential event in domestic foundry industry, focuses on high-quality development under the theme of "New concept, New pattern, new development". Over 1,000 representatives from across the country have participated in this event.