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Shengguan Group Participated in GIFA 2019 Düsseldorf Germany

2019-7-13 Share:

From May 27 to May 30, Jinan Shengquan Group and its Russian branch company participated in the Moscow Metallurgy - Foundry Machinery Exhibition, which is Russia's most specialized exhibition for the foundry industry. The event was jointly organized by Russia METAL-EXPO and German Dussel Dov. This exhibition attracted almost all of the world's leading manufacturers of foundry machinery and foundry materials.






It has been three years since the establishment of Shengquan's Russian branch company, which has dedicated itself to promoting Shengquan's foundry products and technical solutions in the Russian market. As a result, the Shengquan brand has gained widespread recognition and acceptance among an increasing number of customers.






During this exhibition, Shengquan Group was honored with the "Best Exhibitor" award by the organizers.