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2015-6-27 Share:

Led by Executive President Mr. Tang Diyuan and Vice President Mr. Zhu Jianxun, the delegation from SQ Group participated in GIFA 2015 International Foundry Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, which lasted for five days from June 16th to June 20th. Being the largest foundry exhibition globally, it attracted a multitude of participants from the foundry and related industries. The exhibition was attended by nearly 3000 exhibitors, including over 400 Chinese companies.




As the largest exhibitor from China, SQ Group seamlessly integrated both Chinese and Western styles in its 300 M3 booth, incorporating concise design elements along with additional Chinese cultural motifs. Adorned in exquisite Tang suits that exuded an air of erudition and refinement, the representatives from SQ Group captivated even more attention. A multitude of visitors and businessmen flocked to the SQ booth with intentions to establish cooperative partnerships. Furthermore, this marked the inaugural occasion for SQ Group to host new product launch events, during which they publicly showcased their latest research achievements in foundry materials and delivered successful presentations. proudly showcased a range of innovative products including specialized riser sleeves and steel filters. The impressive 56m2 stall attracted numerous visitors who eagerly engaged in discussions with our representatives. Distinguished customers from various regions such as India, the Middle East, and Japan demonstrated their keen interest in SQ's exceptional resin solutions, coatings, filters, and more. Despite the challenges posed by the global economic recession, SQ exhibited remarkable resilience at this prestigious event which further instilled confidence among our valued customers worldwide.