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Shengquan is committed to be a diverse solutions provider of new energy, focusing on the R&D and applications of lithium titanate-oxide(LTO) batteries, supercapacitors, dry electrodes, and super activated carbon materials. In those fields, Shengquan has got the certificates of CE, RoHS,UL and passed the related third party tests like MSDS, UN38.3, and so on.

With the unique material, structure and process design, the Shengquan LTO batteries have the obvious advantages as follow: high continuous charge/discharge rate of 6C-30C, fast charging (10 minutes), wide working temperature range (-40℃~65℃), long cycle life of over 20,000 cycles(10 times of traditional lithium-ion batteries), and no combustion or explosion even if squeezed, penetrated, or knocked.

Based on the R&D of high performance LTO batteries and supercapacitors, Shengquan has also developed a kind of hybrid power source, which consists of LTO batteries, supercapacitors and lithium iron phosphate batteries(or ternary lithium batteries). Compared with other kinds of power sources, it has a long cycle life, and can meet the large power demands in a short time in tough environments and working condition. It has been widely used in the fields of start/stop power supply, rail transit, communication, AGV, engineering vehicles and military field.

In the meantime, with a strong R&D capacity in biomass area, Shengquan has successfully developed a kind of excellent spherical super activated carbon. Compared with the amorphous activated carbon extracted from coconuts shells and petroleum cokes, the spherical super carbon has a higher bulk density while doesn’t contain metal impurities. Therefore, it has been adopted in the manufacturing of Shengquan supercapacitors.

The dry electrode is another advanced invention of Shengquan, and the technology has been successfully applied in Shengquan LTO Batteries, as well as in the developing of ternary and lithium iron phosphate dry electrodes for the next generation of power batteries. The advent of this technology will bring subversive influence to the power batteries industry.

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