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Pharmaceutical industry is an emerging industry that helps the company transform and upgrade. Shengquan Group is the world's largest production base of L- arabinose and Asia's largest production base of xylose. The company is one of the high-tech enterprises that used modern biological extraction technology to produce functional sugar, the current products include D- xylose, L- arabinose, xylitol and so on, mainly used in food, medicine, health products, flavor and synthetic chemicals and other fields. The company is the first enterprise in China to obtain the "L-arabinose new resource food substance equivalent" certification approved by the national health and Family Planning Commission. It has won the special award of Shanghai World Expo, and its products have been selected as permanent exhibits of China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo.   

Shengquan Group is a pioneer in the research and application of biomass graphene in China and the world. In 2014, the company cooperated with Heilongjiang University to produce graphene from straw cellulose, which was an international initiative. Later, the company cooperated with Donghua University and Qingdao University to develop graphene healfiber .According to the inspection of China Textile Standard Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd., Shandong Fiber Inspection Bureau and other authoritative organizations, the biomass graphene healfiber products have the characteristics of far-infrared, bacteriostasis, moisture absorption and air permeability, and the products have passed the FDA certification of the United States and the‘OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100 standard certification’ of the European Union. Relying on biomass graphene, Shengquan Group has formed three material systems: healfiber, velvet and foam materials. It has developed more than 100 biomass graphene single product, such as biomass graphene clothing, bacteriostasis socks, pillow and protective mask, and has become a model for the industrial application of graphene.

In 2011, Shengquan Group established a joint venture company with UK Carbosynth limited company, which is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and refined chemicals. The company builds integrated service in an all-round way, from laboratory level molecular design, synthesis, supply, until custom synthesis, process development, and commercial production of key intermediates. The company has worked with Oxford University, Latvian Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University and other institutions of higher learning researchers to build a multi-functional CGMP workshop in line with the requirements of the European Union and the FDA, and build hydrogenation workshop, Further enhance the company's production and transformation capacity in the CDMO market, it has become the supplier of many famous international pharmaceutical companies so far.

In 2018, Shengquan Group and Shandong University of traditional Chinese Medicine reached a strategic cooperation, holding Shandong Zhongda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. At present, we have many best-selling Chinese patent medicine products, such as "Qianlie Jindan tablets", "Chaihuang tablets" and "Ganmao Qingre granules", which are included in the 2015 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia. A new drug research and development center was established in Jinan Yaogu. Bimin capsule, a national major new drug creation project, has entered the second phase of clinical trials. It is estimated that 5-10 new drugs will enter clinical trials in the next three years. And established traditional Chinese medicine production base and raw material medicine production base, Strive to build a unique large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise with traditional Chinese medicine as the main and Western medicine as the combination.