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High performance resin and composite materials is the pillar industry of Shengquan. Shengquan Group’s annual production capacity of phenolic resin is 600000 tons that ranks the first in the world. It’s phenolic resin workshop featured with the largest monomer production capacity, the most advanced technology and high automation. Its products are widely used in refractories, friction materials, thermal insulation materials, coated abrasives, insulating materials, tire rubber, electronic materials, aerospace, military industry and other fields.

In the field of electronic chemicals, the company's advanced phenolic resin for electronic materials has broken many foreign monopolies, It has realized the localization of electronic resin for flat panel display and photoresist resin for IC, which helps the “Chinese Chip” research and manufacture. The company built 20,000 tons of special epoxy resin workshop in 2011, now is an important domestic o-formaldehyde epoxy resin, bisphenol A phenolic epoxy resin, phosphorus-containing epoxy resin, MDI modified epoxy resin, crystalline epoxy resin, phenol biphenyl epoxy resin and many other high-end electronic grade special epoxy resin suppliers, the product quality and production equipment technology have reached the global leading position

Relying on phenolic resin, the company has developed a series of high-end composite materials. Phenolic hollow microspheres have been applied to the reentry module of Shenzhou spacecraft for four times, which breaks the long-term situation that material restricted by foreign countries, and helping the Long March 5B fly at the first time. SQ board products break the foreign monopoly and have excellent functions such as light weight, high strength, flame retardant and thermal insulation, which have been widely used in the rail transit field represented by "Fuxing" high-speed train. The modified phenolic exterior wall insulation board completely eliminates the flammable potential of traditional fire-proof and thermal insulation materials, and provides a new material guarantee for China's new high-efficiency energy-saving standards.

The company established four departments: electronic chemicals, rubber chemicals and metallurgical materials, etc., and will steadily promote the R & D for edging products, such as electronic resin for 5G CCL, tire rubber resin, and phenolic resin for carbon.