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The foundry material is one of the traditional pillar industries of Shengquan Group. The company is an international famous supplier of foundry materials. It is the biggest producer of foundry furan resin in the world, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons. There are more than 100 kinds of foundry materials such as furan resins, cold box resins, hot box resins, coatings, curing agents, ceramic filters, exothermic-insulating sleeves, metallurgical materials, etc., which are widely used in the production of the automobile, ship, airplanes, wind power, general machinery, precision instrument etc and high-end precision export castings.

The company is the largest ceramic filter supplier in Asia. Its product breaks the foreign monopoly, recognized as the key high-tech products of the national Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, the company has developed a series of foam ceramic filters for steel, iron, aluminum and non-ferrous alloys castings, which can be used for liquid metal filtration of high-end castings such as automotive turbocharger series products, nuclear power valves, brake discs for high-speed rail, and wind power base hub etc. 

Shengquan group adheres to the cooperation concept "one-stop procurement and all-round service", and constantly pursues the scientific and green development of foundry materials. It has made breakthroughs in the difficult aspects of sand mold 3 D printing supporting materials, inorganic binder, eco-friendly furan resin, ultra-low added cold core box resin, alkaline phenolic resin sand reclaiming technology and so on. It promotes the industry improvement.