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After 40 years’ R&D, Shengquan Group has developed "Shengquan method" integrated green straw refinery technology. The process is green, efficient and energy-saving, which solves the global problem of high-efficiency separation of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in straw, which realizes the high-quality utilization of the three components, and can produce hundreds of products. The cellulose part is used to produce pulp, dissolving pulp for fiber, nanocellulose, fuel ethanol, biomass graphene, etc., and use pulp to further produce degradable green products such as pulp molding; the hemicellulose part can not only produce furfural, but also xylose and L-arabinose, Furfural is used as raw material to further produce furan resin, which is linked with the foundry materials of the company. The lignin part can produce asphalt emulsifier, dye dispersant, degradable plastic bag, woody gum resin, military aviation kerosene, etc., that breaks the rely of fuel material and foreign monopoly to related products, and finally the residual ash content can be produced potassium fertilizer. This process can truly use all the components of straws and realize the simultaneous development of biomass chemical industry, petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry.

"Shengquan method" straw energy saving and comprehensive utilization technology is a truly original and innovative technology with international level. At present, Shengquan is the only enterprise in the world to master the technology, and has applied 245 invention patents, of which 109 have been authorized. The implementation of the project will effectively solve the environmental pollution problems caused by the burning or random stacking of plant straws in rural areas, at the same time, it will promote the employment and income of farmers, and become an effective practice of building a beautiful countryside and implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy.