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Innovation and development responsibility

Adhering to the idea that ‘The greatest social responsibility is to develop the enterprise well’, Shengquan Group actively practice the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and realize the comprehensive development of traditional industries, emerging industries and high-tech industries. Shengquan Group adhere to the leading role of ‘national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization’. At the time of accelerating company’s own transformation and upgrading, actively promote employment, and contribute to the promotion of regional economic development and farmers' income. In the process of development, the company actively builds a happy enterprise and a warm enterprise, increases the income of employees and seeks welfare for employees, let the employee can enjoy the benefits of the company's development.

Safety responsibility

The company firmly establish the concept of ‘safety is around’, conscientiously implement theproduction safety lawandShandong production safety regulations, deepen the construction of long-term mechanism of production safety, strictly investigate and control hidden dangers, and highlight the safety supervision and inspection of the whole production process. The company is the first batch of safety standardization units in Shandong Province and ‘advanced unit of double basic work of safety production in Shandong Province’, which has been awarded ‘advanced unit of safety production in Jinan City’ for many consecutive years.

Environmental responsibility

Adhere to the environmental protection concept of ‘Build lush and lucid enterprise’. Shengquan Group has invested nearly 400 million yuan to build environmental protection treatment facilities; invested millions of yuan to carry out waste heat re-utilization, reclaimed water reuse; actively eliminated inefficient boilers, high energy consumption electromechanical and other backward equipment; passed the ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO18001、ISO10012 system certification. Use green technology, produce green products, carry out green marketing, shape green culture. The company has won the ‘Shandong Province comprehensive utilization of resources advanced units’, ‘Shandong Province energy conservation and environmental protection demonstration enterprises’,‘Shandong Province circular economy demonstration units’, the first batch of ‘green factories’ and other honors.

Public responsibility

Pursue the responsibility concept of ‘capture from the Nature, serve the society, benefit the mankind’, and devote to be a respected enterprise. The company is enthusiastic about public welfare and does not forget to give back to society while developing itself. Accumulated all kinds of donations and public welfare, the investment is nearly 100 million yuan, and Shengquan Group set up the "Shengquan help poverty alleviation public welfare fund ", it organize employees to participate in voluntary blood donation and public welfare donation activities. In recent years, the company has successively won the honorary titles of ‘million enterprises to help million villages’ advanced private enterprises in targeted poverty alleviation action, ‘China Red Cross fraternity medal’, Shandong Province's first batch of ‘provincial poverty alleviation leading enterprises’,‘Shandong Charity Award most loving enterprises’ and other honorary titles.