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In 1979, Diaozhen furfural factory, the predecessor of the company, was established;

In 1985, Tang Yilin, chairman of the board of directors, took over the furfural plant as the plant director;

In 1987, furan resin project was launched;

In 1988, the furfuryl alcohol project was built to open up the industrial chain of "corncob-furfural-furfural alcohol- furan resin";

In 1991, The benzol free cold hardening furan casting resin independently developed by the company has won the gold award of the national "Seventh Five Year Plan" spark plan achievement Expo, filling in the domestic blank;

In 1992, it entered the phenolic resin industry;

In 1994, Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. was formally established;

In 1997, the company established a joint venture with HMC minerals and Chemicals Co., Ltd. in Jinan Shengquan haivos Chemical Co., Ltd;

In 2002, the company was recognized as "national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization", and was the first enterprise in Jinan City won this honor;

In 2005, the company became one of the largest furan resin production bases in the world;

In 2006, Shengquan Hayworth became one of the largest phenolic resin production bases in the world;

In 2010, the company's enterprise technology center was recognized as a national enterprise technology center;

In 2011, the company was selected into "top 500 private enterprises in China" and "top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China" for the first time;

Shengquan antefu phenolic hollow microspheres were successfully applied to the returncapsule of Shenzhou 8 spacecraft, and the company became the manufacturer of thermal insulation raw materials for the return capsule of Shenzhou spacecraft;

In 2012, chairman Tang Yilin visited Denmark with President Hu Jintao;

The first generation of biomass comprehensive utilization technology was successfully developed, and the project was completed and put into operation;

In 2013, Chairman Tang Yilin was elected as the representative of the 12th National People's Congress

In 2014, the company officially landed in the National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the "new third board");

In 2015, the company was awarded the title of "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise", becoming the first private enterprise in Jinan City to receive this award;

In 2016, during the NPC and CPPCC sessions, chairman Tang Yilin gave a special report to Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, on the research and application of graphene biomass;

In 2017, Mr. Tang Diyuan officially appointed as the president of the company;

In 2019, Shengquan biological solvent method straw refining integration technology made a major breakthrough, and Daqing project was put into operation;

The application for IPO and listing on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange was officially accepted;

In 2020, to lay out new industries and enter the field of health protection products;

Biomass refining projects and phenolic resin projects were deployed nationwide.