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Over the past 40 years, Shengquan Group has kept up with the trend of reform times, firmly developed its own confidence in overcoming difficulties on the forward road. Shengquan Group has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating biomass chemical industry, organic chemical industry and inorganic chemical industry from a little town company by reform and innovation. Shengquan Group has achieved many top titles in industrial and world level through innovative courage, which made “SQ” brand famous all over the world and become the national technological innovation demonstration enterprise and the single champion of China manufacturing industry...

Innovation is the soul of Shengquan Group. Due to innovation, Shengquan Group has become a leader in the field of comprehensive utilization of biomass all over the world. The scale of production and sales of furan resin and phenolic resin ranks first in the world and Asia separately. Due to innovation, Shengquan Group yields many new technologies and products, such as photoresist resin for IC, resin for 5G, SQ Board composite material, biomass graphene, ceramic filter... Shengquan Group stimulate the speed of localization of high-end material process. Due to innovation, behind many industries such as the Long March 5B carrier rocket, the Shenzhou spacecraft re-entry module, the Fuxing high-speed train and IC materials can find Shengquan Group.

Talent is the life of Shengquan Group. On the new journey of innovation and entrepreneurship, everyone should become a talented person those can be in charge, and everyone should become the subject of innovative development. Shengquan Group will vigorously implement the " strengthen the enterprise by trained personnel" plan, speed up the training of reserved talent team, and create a strong talent "magnetic field"; Shengquan Group will provide maximum space for each employee through system innovation, which provide opportunities to those ambitious, give resources to those capable, and reward those who had achieved something. Then make the employee really feel be respected, accepted and trusted. Keeping in mind the original intention of serving the country and strengthen the country by industry, Shengquan will continue to work deep in biomass refinery, high-performance resin and composite materials, pharmaceutical industry and etc, build up strong driven energy featured with high-quality development, firmly consolidate the leader place in new material field, and make unremitting efforts to promote the quality upgrading of China's manufacturing

Establish centuries Shengquan Group for human’s wellbeing. Let’s work together.