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Street Lamp Products

Due to clean, environmental protection, safety and convenient installation "Solar photovoltaic + lithium-ion battery "

Due to clean, environmental protection, safety and convenient installation "Solar photovoltaic + lithium-ion battery" lighting method is widely used. However, the lighting products on the market are not resistant to low temperature (not working below 0 °C), combustion explosion, short life, low reliability and other series of defects. Shengquan New Energy especially developed a series of "solar photovoltaic + lithium titanate battery" lighting products to solve these problems, the products have the following advantages:
1、 Easy installation. No need to erect pipes, lay cables, easy to construct, and low installation costs;
2、Wide temperature resistance range. The products can be worked normally from -40℃ to 60℃ environment, the territory of use can be covered from the equator to Siberia.
3、 High safety. SQ lighting products work at a voltage of only 5V, which will not cause electric shock damage to the human body, and the lithium titanate battery has high safety characteristics such as no fire and no explosion;
4、ong service life. Lithium titanate battery has long service life and stable performance. It can be used for at least ten years under normal use conditions, reducing the cost and workload of post-maintenance replacement.
5、Long battery life. The products can supply 20W (3200 lumens) standard LED for 12 hours in non-rainy days (foggy or haze), or 24-hour power supply for monitoring; It can supply for at least 8 hours for 20W (3200 lumens) standard LED in consecutive 3 days raining conditions or for at least 12 hours of power supply for monitoring.

SQ lighting products are divided into street light products and arm-type products. Street light products contain vertical light poles, which are suitable in fixed installation. The arm-type products are small in size, portable and easy to install, suitable for temporary installations such as camping and field. And the solar panel and battery control unit are modular design, can be selected according to different lighting duration and brightness requirements of customers to meet different application scenarios.

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