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Solution of new energy

1 New energy passenger vehicleMarket of super capacitorSuper capacitor can meet the requirements in starting stop po

1.New energy passenger vehicle
Market of super capacitor
Super capacitor can meet the requirements in starting/stop power, stabilizing voltage, speed reduction and braking energy recycling of vehicles. 
►Promote the rate of fuel saving in urban cycle to recovery energy when speed reduction or braking
►Protect the battery and provide peak power when starting or speed-up
►Stabilize the load voltage within vehicle
►Enhance the starting property of vehicle at low temperature

2.New energy bus field

Energy storage module of Super capacitor and lithium titanate
module provide high efficient, reliable, safe and smart energy storage unit in starting, accelerating and braking of new energy bus.

►Temporarily control the energy, output energy when starting, and store energy when speed reduction or braking, reduce gasoline emissions.
►Instantaneous power compensation in conditions of starting, uphill, accelerating
►Ultra-long cycle life, free service for a life-long time of the bus
►Ultra-widen working temperature range, which satisfy the usage requirements in different region and environment.

3.Railway transportation field

Super capacitor is applied in the solution of braking and acceleration in railway transportation, which restore the energy and transfer into electric energy when braking; otherwise, release electric energy and compensate the motive for vehicle when accelerating.

4.Engineering machinery and equipment field

Super capacitor and lithium titanate battery provide solution in engineering machinery and equipment,

With ultra-fast charging efficiency, super capacitor transfers the mechanical energy into electric when transporting goods. 

With ultra-long cycle life, lithium titanate battery can meet frequently charge in a long time, and satisfy the charge and discharge condition with long time, frequent and large current.

5.Energy storage solution

Application of super capacitor

Super capacitor can response instantaneously, and absorbs energy in sunny daytime or windy weather; release electric energy in night or windless days to avoid frequently charging of battery then prolong the usage life of battery.

As the emergency power supply of wind-driven generator, it can let the blades back to neutral gear and avoid damage due to the uneven force of the generator. Thus, with the characters of high power density, free service, widen working temperature, super capacitor becomes the best choice for emergency power supply.

Application of lithium titanate

With long charge and discharge cycle life, high security, green and environmental protection features, lithium titanate battery can be widely used into new energy storage station, and off peak electicity utilization.

6. Military field

Lithium titanate is high safety characterized which meets the military battery requirements of non-explosive and non-flammable. Lithium titanate battery has no carbon negative electrode, so it will not bring secondary harm even if being attacked.

Lithium titanate has a high power density, which is more important than energy density for military equipment. The 10C discharge characteristic of lithium titanate battery can provide reliable performance in ignition, emission, preparation, assembly and so on.

Lithium titanate has a wide range of working temperature, which is suitable for the extremely harsh wild working environment of military batteries. The lithium titanate battery can work normally in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

7. Intelligent manufacturing field

Lithium titanate battery provides a solution of fast charging by large rate for intelligent manufacturing.
The AGV vehicle, which is used in storage logistics, can work again with full charge in the very short unloading time, which highly improves work efficiency. 

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