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SQGroupisahigh-techenterprisewhichfocusesondevelopmentandutilizationofnewcompositematerialsbasedonbiomass Through30years’inn

SQ Group is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on development and utilization of new composite materials based on biomass. Through 30 years’ innovation, SQ has achieved comprehensive utilization all three major components (hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin) of biomass materials and has become one of the leaders of the global biomass industry. SQ is one of the largest foundry materials suppliers in the world and the largest phenolic resin supplier in Asia. SQ’s highly technical materials have even been used in the insulation materials for the returning capsules of Shenzhou spacecraft. SQ is well recognized by suppliers and partners in the fields in which we are involved. In 2008, SQ started working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Shandong University and Tianjin University in biomass derived from corn cobs. SQ and professor Honggang Fu's team from Hei Longjiang University (Group Coordination Assembly) have worked since June 2014 to develop the first biomass graphene made from corn cob components. Through continuous process improvements and sustained technique innovation, SQ has solved the technical difficulties of modifying and dispersing graphene, which resulted in superior performance of biomass graphene. This month, SQ commissioned its first biomass graphene production plant with 100 Tons capacity. 
We want to apply graphene in areas that have close relationship with daily life. By working together with Professor Lijun Qu’s team from Qingdao University, SQ developed Healfiber from viscose fiber. Working with a team from Donghua University, we developed Healfiber from polyester and nylon. Healfiber can provide properties of far-infrared synergy, anti-bacterial activity, UV resistance, and static electricity dissipation. These properties allow increasing micro circulation, improving metabolism, activating the body's self-healing ability, and remodelling the immune function to restore the health of the body. The performance has been jointly certified by Yao Mu (academician from China Academy of Engineering) and Shandong Commission of Economic and Information Technology (27 July 2015). 
Multi-functional apparel under Healfab, made with Healfiber, can provide desired properties of far infrared and anti-bacterial activity, UV resistance, and static electricity dissipation. The first commercial Healfab products (socks, underwear etc.) were launched online for test sales. Response from initial consumers has been positive. 
Yao Mu, an academician from China Academy of Engineering, said that there are 16 kinds of main bacteria on the skin, which attach to the skin and clothes long periods of time. They eat skin that has been shed from humans and generate mal-odors. Due to its anti-bacterial activity, biomass graphene can inhibit bacteria growth on the skin, suppressing body odor. 
Graphene has the unique property of low-temperature far infrared, which is suitable for people’s body temperature. When Healfiber touches skin, it will increase the skin-surface microcirculation, going deep into the cortex to improve anti-inflammatory response. Healfiber allows the human body to increase skin-surface temperature from 0.5 degrees to 1.5 degreesthe highest will be improved 3 degrees,which will play a significant role to strengthen the body metabolism and protect the skin health. 
Biomass graphene’s unique property of low-temperature far infrared can tonify “Yang Qi” to nourish the human body, improve the problem of cold skin in the feet and legs,enhancing human health and self-healing ability. As a result, Healfiber can help people live better and longer. SQ plans to spend more research efforts in this area. 
Over many years of dedicated efforts, SQ has adhered to the combination of scientific research, production, and application. Biomass graphene has been successfully utilized in the textile industry, this will enable for us to commercialize graphene in large scale. SQ is focusing on other environment-friendly, safe and intelligent new consumer and industrial products. 
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