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Our Divisions

SQ and its subsidiaries specialize in producing and selling a wide range of foundry raw materials. SQ Group has eight subsidiary companies in China.
1. Shandong Shengquan Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong
2. Shanghai Shengquan Foundry Material Co., Ltd.
3. Yingkou Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co., Ltd.
4. Jilin Shengquan Beijin Chemical Co., Ltd., Chengwu.
5. Shengquan Beijin Chemical Co., Ltd.
6. Jinan Foundry Material Co., Ltd.
7. Jinan Shengquan Beijin Ceramic Filter Co., Ltd.
8. Jinan Hepworth Resin Co., Ltd.
All of the above are equity-controlled companies and wholly owned by SQ Group.    

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